Welcome to video gaming haven website. Videos have become a great pastime for many people today and and transcends age, race, gender, religion or even national origin.

In the olden days, the only form of entertainment was to go outside your house, to play with friends on the park or to watch a game or to participate in a game.

Modern gaming has brought the recreational desires of most people back to the comfort of their own homes and to me, this is very incredible.

To enjoy your video games, all that is required for one to play video games is to have a video game console or a PC if you are a PC gamer enthusiast or fanatic.

The game categories and genres have increased astronomically in recent years and they seem to be growing up with incredible speeds. Unlike in the past when the gaming industry started with some black and white abstract table tennis tip games, recent games have become so lifelike that the only word to describe it is incredible.

Whiles gaming enthusiasts have struggled with gaming and the types to play over the years, the gaming industry have also struggled with its making.

Companies like Atari, Sony and many others have evolved over the years to become giants in the gaming industry. As you watch the video below, you will hear more about the evolution of the gaming industry to date.

There are many kinds of games in the gaming market and they include action games, action-adventure games, adventure role-playing, simulation strategy games, sports, MMO, casual games, music games and serious games to name just a few and each year, it seems like the genres are growing.

This site was created in an attempt to house many different categories and genres of games so that our visitors
may find the games and related materials under one roof for easy access and convenience.

To make this site even more appealing, we have added and will continue to add interesting articles about video games to add value to our site for the benefit of our visitors and users. Rest assured this site is a growing site and never static. Welcome!